FS Curtis Heatless Desiccant Air Dryer Model DLS260


FS-Curtis DL desiccant dryers are available with three application specific control systems. No matter what your application, there’s a control system just right for your needs.
FS-Curtis DL heatless desiccant dryers deliver consistent outlet pressure dew points to -100˚F. By combining the proven benefits of desiccant drying technology with the industry leading design, FS-Curtis’ DL dryers provide the most reliable compressed air drying system for various applications.
•  Up-flow drying which allows water and heavy contaminants to drop out of the air stream •
 Premium grade desiccant beads enhance surface area, requires minimum purge air, and have high crush strength •  ASME and CRN certified pressure vessels •  Optional pre-mounted filtration package increases lifetime of desiccant and avoids system contamination •  Precision switch valves automatically shift to low pressure side of the circuit to control process flow STANDARD CONTROLLER •  Time controlled bed regeneration cycles offer consistent
 performance and economy of purchase •  Simple timer based controller SELECTABLE PURGE CONTROLLER •  Tailor the drying cycles to match your peak air demand in 10% increments •
 Controller offers four pressure dew point settings to increase your savings AUTOMATIC ENERGY SAVINGS CONTROLLER •  Automatically matches purge air use to the demand on the system •
 Controller offers four pressure dew point settings to increase your savings •
 Controller features vacuum fluorescent text display that communicates energy savings, operating mode and service reminders