Heat Transfer Fluid CALD-2: 55 Gallon Drum


Cald-2 is a heat transfer fluid used in numerous types of heat transfer systems. It is made with thermally and oxidatively stable synthetic base fluids that are further enhanced with proprietary additives. This formulation greatly extends the heat transfer fluid life over normal and other synthetic fluids. Cald-2 provides exceptional performance in very high operating temperatures in both open and closed systems. Cald-2 is also non-toxic, non-hazardous and resists carbon formation. ATTRIBUTES • Excellent thermal and oxidative stability, contributing to long life at very high temperatures • High flash, fire and auto-ignition temperatures for added safety • Low volatility and vapor pressures • High heat capacity and thermal conductivity • Excellent deposit control to help keep system clean • Low viscosity at operating temperatures for improved pumping efficiency • Excellent demulsibility and cold flow properties for smoother start ups

TYPICAL LUBRICANT PROPERTIES Cald-2 Grades 40 68 Viscosity Index 96 103 Viscosity cSt @ 0°C 559 930 Viscosity cSt @ 40°C 43 65 Viscosity cSt @ 60°C 19.2 27.8 Viscosity cSt @ 80°C 10.4 14.4 Viscosity cSt @ 100°C 6.4 8.6 Viscosity cSt @ 120°C 4.3 5.7 Flash Point °F (°C) 445 (229) 465 (240) Demulsibility, 54.4°C, 30 Min 40/40/0 40/40/0 Copper Corrosion, 24 Hr 1a 1a Foam Sequence I, II, III 0/0/0 0/0/0